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Why is Ethanol Valuable? Improving Engine Performance, Health and Environment
Recorded: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | 2:00 PM CDT

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Lisa Gibson

Managing Editor,
Ethanol Producer
Jeff Scharping
Urban Air Initiative
Gale Hohnadell
Father of Formula Drift Racer, Alec Hohnadell, who suffered aromatics poisoning
Adam Gustafson
Urban Air Initiative Attorney
Boyden Gray and Associates

The RFS and the ethanol industry have been wildly successful in pushing the country to 15 billion gallons of ethanol blending. As we look to increase blending past 10%, we need to focus on the economic and social benefits of higher ethanol blends.

Join the Urban Air Initiative for a discussion about how the economic value of ethanol is directly tied to its health and environmental benefits. Learn how the fuel, engine and tailpipe are a system. Webinar participants also will hear from a father who spent years trying to find treatment for his son suffering from aromatics poisoning in oil, and how ethanol is a solution. The discussion also will include details about regulatory and legal efforts underway to reduce barriers restricting ethanol from competing on a level playing field and winning on its merits.